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pitch raise tuning
Touch up voicing, standard maintenance requiring no parts
​A piano that is tuned regularly (every six months or at least once a year) should only require a tuning with no or a very small pitch raise, the cost for this is:

$ 125.00
I provide the highest quality service to my customers and their pianos. My goal is to help your piano to inspire you to make music. Having a well tuned, well voiced piano, without noises or distractions will help you enjoy the music you are making.  

We provide a variety of services including:
Although some pianos stay in tune better than others, if your piano has not been tuned in many years it may require a pitch raise and a tuning. It may also need more frequent tunings in the year following the pitch raise. A pianos strings distribute 30,000 or more lbs of tension on it's frame. Without tuning the piano will lose it's tension ( go flat). Adding tension destabilizes the piano, and the piano will need more than one pass, and to be tuned more frequently for it to hold it's tune.
$ 150.00
Touch up voicing (softening the hammer felt with needles to provide a better tone), pedal adjustment, tightening the bench bolts and a general assessment of the piano will be done with the tuning at no charge as a matter of course. Any maintenance over and above 15 minutes, or requiring parts is not complementary.

$ no charge for > 15 min standard maintenance

Additional voicing ( softening or hardening of the hammer felt to achieve a certain tone) can be done for a fee.

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