Piano Service by Poppy Miles 
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Is your piano malfunctioning? Is one note striking twice, or is one hammer hitting two strings, when you look across the keys do they instead of looking level, sag in the middle,  or undulate like the Great Wall of China? Is your piano ringing or making disturbing, non- musical sounds? If your answer to any of these questions is yes, your piano could use regulation. Regulation is the adjustment of piano parts to compensate for wear, and changes wrought by humidity. Pianos are machines, made of wood, felt, paper, leather, steel, iron, lead and copper. These materials warp, compress, harden, and rust. Pianos require regulation to enable you to play your best. Piano regulation is a service that I uniquely qualified, and happy to offer.

How much will it cost? This depends on how long it will take, which is contingent on the type and condition of the piano. Generally uprights take a 3-4 hours to fully regulate, but may take longer if they are spinet, or overdamper type pianos, Grands take longer than uprights, owing to their more complicated design. Of course a piano can be spot fixed, but the best result comes from full and regular maintenance. So if this is a service your piano needs, I will provide an estimate while visiting the piano. 

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