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Piano repair
I provide a wide variety of piano repairs. Action repairs such as: key top replacement, ivory keyboard restoration, key bushing, new backchecks, releathering backchecks, new key buttons, hammer hanging, key leading, touch weight adjustment, action part replacement, action part refurbishing, centerpinning, spring replacement, back action replacing, damper refinishing and replacing. Belly repairs such as restringing, fixing loose ribs, separating bridges, and separated pinblocks. I am a certified dampp chaser installer ( a system which controls humidity, thereby lessens it's effects on your piano.) I can install new locks on your piano, or fix existing ones.
     Although I have experience in doing full rebuilds : replacing pinblocks, bridges, and soundboards, I currently do not have the time or space for these types of projects. 
If your piano needs a new soundboard, pinblock, or refinishing I will be happy to offer recommendations. I can also direct you to player system installers, as well as player piano rebuilders. If you have a keyboard, harpsichord or organ that needs repair I will also be happy to refer you to someone who can help you. Also, feel free to call me with any questions regarding pianos. 

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